Complaints Procedure

In the unlikely event of a problem arising with a saddle you have bought from Amayzind Saddle fitters in Scotland, the Society of Master Saddlers have agreed on the following procedure – (this is a summary from Horse and Hounds):

• Detail costs of ALL fitting services, including travel and consultancy, before starting.

• Keep full records of the horse and saddle fitting.

• Respond promptly and politely to complaints and in unresolved cases, provide details to the society so that the complaints procedure may be followed.

• If a client asks for a second opinion on a saddle fitted by a member within the previous six months, he or she must first be referred back to the original fitter. If a second opinion is still required, it may only be given after liaison with the original fitter and provision of original records.

• The provider of the second opinion must have no other commercial involvement with the client immediately before, during or after the consultation.

• The code says that clients also have responsibilities. These include presenting the horse in suitable condition and in a suitable environment for the fitter to work and ensuring that any independent advisor such as a trainer is present at the fitting.

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