Services - Saddle -fitting, Saddles, Rugwash, Bespoke Leatherwork and Repairs

Saddle-fitting service from SMS qualified Saddle Fitter and saddler - supplying a range of brands of new and second-hand saddles, bit and bridle fitting. On site rug wash/ repair service, bespoke tack and leather goods, leather repairs, large tack shop.

Saddle Fitting

Check out our saddle fitting service covering large areas of Southern Scotland. Click here for details

Rugwash and Repair

We offer a wash, proof and repair service for all your muddy rugs. Click here for details


In our workshop we are able to make bespoke bridles, reins etc and parts thereof. Click here to view some of the beautiful bridles we can make to your specifications.

Repairs - saddles, tack and leather goods

Here you can see some of the items we have repaired ranging from a yacht mast rest to a saddle for a vintage motorbike as well as some aspects of saddles and tack.

Saddle Brands

Links to some of the saddle brands that we supply