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We offer a range of beautiful saddles from our suppliers - Bliss, Cavaletti, Fairfax, Ideal, Harry Dabbs, Kent and Masters, Thorowgood, Lovett and Ricketts, Black Country

Bliss of London share your passion for horses and equestrian competition. It is our knowledge of the equestrian world that allows us to design and build some of the world’s most advanced and desirable English riding saddles. Every Bliss saddle is handmade and hand finished as the hand and eye of a craftsman can never be bettered.

Saddles are available in a range of styles, fabulous colours and finishes and trees to suit a range of horse shapes and sizes.


A world of choice in Performance, Durability and Style

IDEAL is a market leader in the design and manufacture of fine saddles. For over thirty years we have been based in Walsall, the home of English saddlery, and we believe our range of saddles offers unrivalled choice in quality and style for the discerning rider.

With skilled fitting, the finest workmanship and our trademark flexibility we create the IDEAL saddle ensuring that both rider and horse achieve their best.

Ideal Saddles

Cavaletti Collection offers a range of individually designed saddles made from the finest leathers to suit all riders and disciplines. They all feature our unique interchanging gullet system with 6 optional widths. We offer quality, comfort and performance at an affordable price. Not everybody has a huge budget to buy a new saddle therefore offering affordable prices was one of their key aims when bringing the brand to market.


Craft and innovation

Harry Dabbs Saddle Makers have been designing and making exceptional saddles to suit the majority of breed types for over 40 years.

Based in Walsall, the heart of the saddle industry, our skilled craftsmen combine modern technology with traditional methods producing saddles of outstanding design, fit and quality.

Harry Dabbs Saddle Makers are known worldwide for their production of quality saddles for all disciplines, many of models feature our popular ‘Performance Panel’.

Harry Dabbs


'The ethos behind everything we design is that it should enhance your horse’s freedom of movement, strengthen your communication and allow you to achieve better results. We have proved scientifically that the right tack plays a part in the process of improving performance.'

Fairfax saddles have an adjustable width system using interchangeable gullets. They are are available in a range of styles, sizes and colours.


Thorowgood saddles designed to fit different horse conformations including cob types, standard builds and high withered horses

Fuller-figured, fine and slender or somewhere in between… there is a saddle in the Thorowgood range that suits your horse’s body shape and follows every curve and contour of his back. It’s the saddle your horse would choose. Lightweight and reassuringly kind from the start, it offers cushioning luxury that allows him to relax and move freely. Enjoy the peace of mind that your horse is truly comfortable, with Thorowgood.


Our company has been hand crafting high quality riding saddles for many decades in Walsall England.
Our craftsmen adhere to the highest standards, using traditional methods and only the finest quality materials available. They are all members of the Society of Master saddlers and have experience creating saddles for a wide range of Equestrian activities. Each saddle we make comes to you the discerning rider with a written guarantee.
Our primary focus is on creating the best saddle for you and your horse.
Lovatt and Ricketts

Rob Cullen and John Hartley, with more than 80 years of combined experience as Master Saddlers, have made the name of Black Country Saddles synonymous with innovation and quality throughout the equestrian world.

Extensive knowledge and understanding of saddle manufacture allows us to produce a range that can be fitted to all types of horse. Our saddlemakers work closely with the saddle fitters to ensure the best possible combination of fit for both horse and rider.

Black Country Saddles