Dermoline shampoos 500ml

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Tea Tree Shampoo:

An antibacterial shampoo containing natural extracts of tea tree to thoroughly cleanse and care for the coat. Regular use will help maintain a healthy skin and coat and be beneficial for scurf and other skin conditions.

Medicated Shampoo:

Effective antibacterial shampoo with added coat conditioner to optimise coat and skin condition for a fresh, non-scurfy coat.

Cooling Body Wash:

A revitalising cooling body wash containing natural tea tree oil for use after exercise.

Herbal Shampoo:

For that natural shine! A gentle shampoo containing natural extracts of lavender and rosemary to thoroughly cleanse and clean the coat.

Insect Shampoo:

A powerful, deep cleansing and clarifying shampoo which removes the build-up of scurf, grease and ectoparasite debris.