Back on Track Mesh Therapy Rug

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  • £215.00
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Manufactured using the unique Welltex™ ceramic infused polypropylene fabric with a thin mesh outer layer (making it breathable to offer maximum permeability for dampness). The neck opening is strengthened with polyester with soft quilting around the withers. The Rug has double chest buckles, "D" Rings to attach Neck Cover and criss-crossed belly surcingles (pop closures). There is, also, attachments for Neck Dover, a large tail flap with a tail strap and loops for the leg ties

This item is multifunctional, so can be used as a second layer underneath a conventional blanket, as a thin, soft Training Blanket, as a Lightweight Rug (especially if the horse's coat is wet) as a Light Transportation Rug, as a Cooler (eg. post-exercise) or as a Warmer (to warm up muscles pre-exercise), with the added feature that it may help to keep flies, other biting insects and dust off the Horse

(Neck cover for the Mesh Sheet, Classic (Blue or Black), is also available, please see seperate lisitng)

115cm (5'6") (Only available in Black & Blue)
125cm (5' 9"/6' 0")
135cm (6' 0"/6' 3")
145cm (6' 3"/6' 6")
155cm (6' 6"/6' 9")
165cm (6' 9"/7' 0")